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AR6201 Transceiver

AR6201 Transceiver 25kHz, integrated VOX/Intercom, dual watch mode. 
The AR6201 VHF-AM transceiver is smaller and lighter than its forerunner due to implementation of state-of-art DSP (Digital Signal
Processing) technology. It is mountable in the 2 inch standard instrument panel recess and is equipped with a highly efficient
AM transmitter, a very sensitive receiver and a full graphic LC-display that allows for easy reading under all light conditions, including full
sun. Push button and display illumination can be dimmed.
Part # Description Price Order
1003016 Becker AR6201 VHG/AM Transceiver  8/25 kHz, 6W


  Becker 4201 or 6201  Wiring Harness Price depending on one place or 2 place.


2118 TM170 Microphone Dynamic on 13x450mm gooseneck with L-bracket, Black Finish Yellow Mic +, Red Mic -, Shield GND Total Length with L-Bracket 545mm- 21.5"  Use with Becker, Dittel, Filser

Becker Avionics Compact ATC Transponders

Mode C 175W & 250W

Mode S 150W & 250W

Dimensions Stub Antenna

Dimensions Blade antenna



Not all transponders are created equal.

 There are three "modes:"

  • Mode A - the basic transponder ability to reply to interrogations with a 4-digit code (no altitude information).

  • Mode C - the reply signal includes both a 4-digit code and the aircraft's pressure altitude, usually obtained from a separate altitude encoder connected to the static system like the altimeter.

  • Mode S - a more sophisticated and expensive system, the reply signal also includes information identifying the aircraft, and other data.

Manual  Specifications

Part # Description Price Order
1003010 Harness for Becker ATC Transponder & ACK A30 Encoder   

1003008 Transponder Stub Antenna/BNC 104-12   Select BNC connector and cable length at Add to cart if required

1003011 Cormant Blade Antenna

1003018 Becker Blind encoder for BXP6401 Transponders

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