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Up O2 Cylinder Clamps

Part Number



00EDS-1084-00 EDS Cannula for use with EDS systems standard tip

00EDS-1084-01 EDS Cannula for use with EDS systems flare tip

00NTG-1002-00 CO-PILOT kit  comes with a regulator with gauge, facemask, 3-18 liter non-refillable cylinders and instruction manual.   Please note: Available only in the USA.
The Co-Pilot
system can only be shipped by UPS ground in the 48 continental states.

Mountain High Masks

00EDS-1078-00 EDS-MASK replacement face mask, standard issue, with tube and connector for use with EDS systems at or above 18,000 ft. MSL.


ALPS Masks


(1) Measure from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin.

(2) Compare your measurement to the table at the left to choose best fit.

The newest members of the Mountain High family of products are the:
  • FAA-CAMI tested with the EDS-ip system
  • MH ALPS FaceMask
  • MH ALPS-M (for microphone) FaceMask.
The ALPS-M is outfitted with an electronic "Clear-Speak" ambient noise-canceling microphone that enables pilots to fly with safety and comfort with clear, crisp voice communication and is compatible with most aircraft systems. The mask is easy to put on and exceptionally comfortable as it does not require a polyvinyl bag. The ALPS or the ALPS-M FaceMask can be used with any of the MH oxygen systems, constant flow or EDS.
The constant flow mask is also compatable with most other constant flow systems that incorporate a flow meter.
Microphone can be exchanged from one ALPS mask to another.


00AMSK-1000-00 ALPS Mask for constant-flow systems, no mic.

00AMSK-2000-02 ALPS Mask for constant-flow systems, with mic.


00AMSK-1100-00 ALPS Mask for EDS (O2D1/ O2D2), no mic.


00AMSK-2100-02 ALPS Mask for EDS (O2D1/ O2D2), with mic.


00AMSK-1200-00 ALPS Mask for EDS-ip systems, no mic.


00AMSK-2200-02 ALPS Mask for EDS-ip systems, with mic.

AMSK0-0115-00 ALPS Mask mic. with U173 connector


AMSK0-0109-00 ALPS Mask mic cable. PJ068 Jack  




CMK Oxygen Cylinder Clamp Sets

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