Conventional or Aerobatic Harness ?

Each Softie Emergency Parachute System comes with your choice of Conventional Harness or our exclusive Aerobatic Harness. You may also choose from a number harness and container options to customize your Softie to your individual needs



Our conventional harness has a fully adjustable main lift web which permits the harness to be adjusted to fit a wide range of individuals. The harness has connection points on each leg strap and on on the chest strap. The leg straps come standard with B12 Snap connectors. As an option, we offer Thread Thru Adapters or Quick Ejectors on the legstraps. The chest strap comes standard with a Thread Thru Adapter, a Quick Ejector is optional on the chest strap.



Our unique crossover style Aerobatic Harness is designed specifically for pilots doing high NEGATIVE G aerobatic manuvers. The harness is designed so that the legstrap connecting hardware is moved away from the hips where it can dig in and cause pain and discomfort during high negative G aerobatic manuvers. The harness is attached by having the legstraps pass through a high strength soft loop at the hip and then cross over and buckle on the opposite side of the harness just below the rib cage This unique design has proven to be very popular with aerobatic pilots.



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Quick Ejector on chest strap
Quick Ejectors on leg straps
(conventional harness only)
 Thread Thru Adaptors
 Aerobatic Harness
 Capewell Canopy Releases
(harness is non adjustable)

 Container Options

 Genuine Sheepskin Backpad
 Matching Carry-All bag
$ 40.00
 Static Line
 $ 50.00
 Bailout Bottle Cover
 $ 35.00
 Lumbar Pad (Long Softie only)
 $ 25.00
Custom Colors
Brown, Orange, Gold, Green, Teal,
Tan, Purple
Cotton Sweat Pad
 Three Stripes
 Monogram (Max 5 letter and/or numbers)
Your choice of thread color

Capewell Canopy Releases allow the canopy to be disconnected from the harness. If you fly in areas where high ground winds are common you may want to consider this option. Capewell's will allow you to release the canopy to avoid being drug across the ground after landing.
NOTE: The harness main lift web is non-adjustable when Capewells are installed.
Capewell Harness Option: $275.00

B-12 Snaps come as standard legstrap hardware on all Softie's.



No additional charge for B 12 Snaps Option

Thread Thru Adaptors are the flatest and lightest of the connectors we offer. For a pilot that is interested in minimumizing weight and bulk, thread thru adaptors are an excellent choice.
No additional charge for Thread Thru Option
Quick Ejectors allow for fast, easy, one hand disconection of the harness attach points. Quick ejectors offer a nice convience, however, it is important to know they are bulkiest and heavist of all the connector hardware we offer.
Single Quick Ejector on Chest Strap: $50.00
Quick Ejectors on leg straps (2): $70.00

Custom Monogram:You can personalize your Softie with your initals or aircraft registration numbers. Choose any combination of up to six letters and numbers and we will embroider them on the right side of the harness in your choice of colors.
Custom Monogram: $25.00


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