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AIR Glide - A new take on soaring avionics

AIR Glide offers a unique line-up of flexible, high quality and easy-to-use soaring avionics. With AIR Glide there is no distinction between „variometer“ and „glide computer“ in your cockpit anymore. It is all up to you: take a Sensor Unit and any number of displays in any size and combine them in any way you want.


One Family

AIR Glide devices share a common platform. This product line strategy, that we have introduced with the Butterfly Vario in 2011, allows for simple combination and exchange of all AIR Glide devices. Existing installations may be easily extended. Older units can be exchanged against newer versions, for example if new sensors become available, without the need for changing the whole installation - reducing costs and securing your investment.


Display L

Our largest Display ("size L") has a 5.7" screen and features variometer and speed-to-fly indication, moving map navigation, comprehensive task planning, and optimization as well as traffic awareness. It is controlled via buttons or touchscreen and very easy to use.


Display M

The medium sized display ("size M") has a 3.7" screen and features variometer and speed-to-fly indication, moving map navigation, comprehensive task planning, and optimization as well as traffic awareness. It can be installed into existing 3.125" panel cutouts, requiring only a 2.25" cutout itself.


Dimension Drawings :


ISU Unit

Ultimate AirGlide System


Display S

Our smallest display is the perfect primary vario indicator. It features variometer indication, speed-to-fly indication, backup navigation, traffic awareness, voice alerts, and artificial horizon. The display can be installed into existing 2.25" panel cutouts.

A new generation variometer

With a combination of 14 sensors, the relative air-mass movement arround the aircraft is measured in real time. This means big progress compared to normal variometers, that only use pressure sensors to sense aircraft/airmass movement. Independant of flight direction the pilot sees real time air-mass and wind data updated repeatedly every second. In many flight-tests through 2011 pre-production devices have already shown the potential of this new technology.

Giant display, easy to install

A new design concept integrates a device with big 2.7“ display into a small 57mm standard instrument cutout. The perfectly readable display features a contrast ratio similar to printed paper. It is readable in any lighting condition and supersedes mechanical pointers. 

More than just a vario

Butterfly Vario combines Vario/Speedcommand, basic Backup-Navigation with final-glide calculation, a digital compass, Butterfly FLARM®-Radar with FLARM®-voice output, a robust artificial horizon with true airspeed and true altitude, a fully certified IGC-flight-recorder with many other features that simplify flying.

Sensor Unit

The heart of every AIR Glide installation. The sensor unit contains all sensors and an IGC certified flight recorder. Computes vario, airspeed, instantaneous wind, air mass movement, GPS-Position, magnetic heading and attitude.


Sensor Unit

The new design concept integrates a big 2.7" display into a standard 2,25" panel cutout. The device is mounted from the front of the panel. It is only marginally bigger than a standard 2.25" device and can be easily mounted into any existing cockpit.

The very bright display depicts all necessary information clearly arranged and bigger than common variometers do. The display utilizes special anti-reflection technology making it perfectly readable in *any* lighting condition.Its readability is comparable to printed paper, making mechanical pointers obsolete.

Without mechanical pointers the displayed content can be made bigger and it is possible to suit specific display requirements more flexibly.

Device: Display-size Cutout
Normal glide-computer: 2.7 to 2.8" 3.5"
normal vario: <1.5" (+ pointer) 2.25"
Butterfly Vario: 2,7" 2.25"

All compatible devices, e.g. one sensor-unit and two display-units fpr two-seaters, are connected through a standardized interface-system used in professional airborne systems (e.g. Airbus A380 or Boeing 787) with robust wiring called CANaerospace. Other display-units or larger screen devices can be easily connected in the future. Butterfly Vario forms the foundation for a whole new product family of gliding instruments from Butterfly. There is no need for complex wiring.

Vario and speed-command

Vario, netto-vario and wind are accurately computed in realtime with data from high tech sensors. A big black arrow-indicator shows the current vario value. Vertical airmass movement is shown as a blue circle, average climb as a smaller green arrow. Four freely configurable Info-Boxes show desired values.

The wind-arrow depicts the accurate live-wind. The built-in three-dimensional compass always aligns the wind angle perfectly to the roll-axis of the aircraft. This makes the wind arrow turn smoothly, even at high turn-rates.

Indepandant of the chosen function-page, all needles are always visible, also e.g. the navigation-page.

Artificial horizon and airspeed indicator

Butterfly Vario contains an artificial horizon. The horizon can be of help in dangerous situations that may occur for example when there is unpredicted cloud development during wave-flights. The horizon is a state of the art, solid state precise instrument and can be compared to expensive certified solutions.

Butterfly Vario also features an accurate airspeed indicator with TAS-indication as well as an accurate altimeter.

Horizon functionality can be deactivated in a tamper-proof manner.


The navigation function gives you directions to airports or turnpoints from the integrated database. A very accurate final glide computer calculates your glidepath based on wind, aircraft-polar, bugs, and current total-energy.

The built in compass-sensor delivers exact true heading information. The 3D-compass is fully compensated and requires no set-up or calibration and is not prone to compass errors. The navigation page is simple to use and perfect as a backup or for basic navigation.

With our interface modules all generated datasets can be sent to other devices like PNA/PDAs or wirelessly to iGlide.

FLARM®-Display and voice output

Our new vario communicates with FLARM® compatible devices. Traffic information as well as tactical data is shown on a special radar screen.

A voice engine gives relevant information and warning messages in natural voice. Voice messages are only given in dangerous or relevant situations. They seamlessly enhance the pilot's workflow and do not distract.


If a dangerous traffic situation is imminent, Butterfly Vario warns in clear natural voice: Warning. Glider, 12 O'Clock, High.

Voice output also gives you tactical hints, e.g. when a teampartner behind you starts circling: Eight Yankee starts circling.

Through integrated sensors Butterfly Vario detects battery voltage, gear-state, flap-state etc. 


Butterfly Vario mixes other audio-signals (Vario, COM) with generated voice messages or vario-tones. To ensure good transmission quality, all vario-tones are reduced in volume during sending/receiving COM.

Up to two speakers can be attached to the vario, this is ideal for two seaters and makes future implementations of directional voice-warnings possible.

Interface Box for data transfer to standard NMEA (RS232c) devices, e.g. when using a PDA/PNA/Oudie for Navigation.

Butterfly Connect Connection Module is a compact, lightweight and rugged device wirelessly connecting smartphone/ mobile devices to aircraft systems.

Butterfly Connect creates a IEEE802.11 b/g wireless network (WiFi®) and transmits RS232 data via the TCP/IP protocol. Many iOS®- and Android Apps are capable of displaying and using such data. Examples for data are current GPS-position, pressure altitude, traffic or engine data.

It features one central Power/Data connector (D-SUB 9) and a standard SMA antenna connector including a small quarter-wave antenna. Butterfly connect is supplied by a DC source in the range of 8V to 32V and typically consumes less than 100mA. It can be easily mounted on many places inside the aircraft, remote antenna options with cables are available.

Connect Wireless  to  LXNAV V7 or CAI 302.


Technical Data:
  • Power- and Data connection via D-SUB9 or  RJ45 plug with standard IGC/FLARM® pinout
  • kompatible to FLARM® and PowerFLARM®
  • WLAN Module 802.11 b/g
  • Power consumption ca. 80mA at 12V
  • Input Voltage: 6V to 32V DC (Attention, PowerFLARM® PORTABLE has to be supplied with aircraft power for Butterfly Connect to work)



Compatible iOS Apps:
  • iGlide
  • iPilot
  • FreeFlight
  • SkyMap
  • SkyDemon
  • WinPilot

Included in delivery:

  • Butterfly Connect base unit
  • RJ45 cable adapter
  • 90° Antenna (short)
  • Documentation
Part Number Description


800009 AirGlide Sensor Unit ISU, Sensor Unit Cable (1m)  is the sensor for a complete AIR Glide Vario system. An AIR Glide Display  is also needed for a complete system.

 In Stock


8000011 AirGlide Vario Display Unit M " Wiring Harness " Temperature Probe " Panelmount USB-Jack. An AirGlide sensor unit is needed for a complete system.

4 weeks

800013 AirGlide Vario Display Unit L " Wiring Harness " Temperature Probe " Panelmount USB-Jack. An AirGlide sensor unit is needed for a complete system.

4 weeks

800010 AirGlide Vario Display Unit S • Wiring Harness • Temperature Probe • Panelmount USB-Jack. An AirGlide sensor unit is needed for a complete system.

In Stock


800001 AirGlide  Display Unit S, power harness, Backseat

In Stock


800002 Interface Box for data transfer to standard NMEA (RS232c) devices, e.g. when using a PDA/PNA/Oudie for Navigation.

In the Box:

  • AIR Glide NMEA Interface Box
  • Interface Cable 1m

 In Stock

800005 iGlide Interface Stick.  Interface stick for wireless data transfer from Butterfly Vario to iPod/iPad/iPhone running iGlide soaring software.

 In Stock

800012 Custom length  Butterfly M12 CANaerospace Cable and connectors   "specify cable length and if you want both connectors soldered  at Add to Cart"  It is much easier to string cables if one connector is not soldered.

 In Stock

800008 Butterfly Connect Connection Module  (Select cable if needed at Add to Cart)



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