Comant Antenna

Frequency 960-1220 MHz
Frequency 960 - 1220 MHz
VSWR 1.8:1 Maximum
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Pattern Equivalent of l / 4 Stub
Impedance RF 50 Ohms
Resistance DC Open Circuit
Power RF 1 KW Peak
Weight 0.3 lb. Maximum
Height 2.75 in. Maximum
Material Molded Radome
Finish White Polyurethane Enamel (Standard)
Connector (see above P/N's to order the choice of connector)
Gasket B30503
Temperature -55C to +85C
Altitude 70,000 ft.
Air Speed 400 Knots TAS at 35,000 ft.
Federal Specifications
RTCA Environmental DO-160A
Environmental Category AE1/A/JXXXXXXXXXXX
FAA TSO C66b, C74c
RTCA MOPS DO-144, DO-189






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