The IC-A25C Airband Transceiver features a powerful six-watt transmitter and an IP57 waterproof rating that will allow this radio to continue to operate even in severe weather. A large 2350 mAh Li-ion battery provides operation up to 10.5 hours. The easy to use interface combined with a large 2.3 inch display offers stress-free programming and in-flight operation.
  • Output power: 6W typ. (PEP), 1.8W (CW)
  • Frequencies:  TX (COM); 118.00-136.975MHz
                            RX (COM/NAV) ; 108.00-136.975MHz
                            RX (Weather) ; 161.650-163.275MHz
  • Channel spacing: 8.33/25KhZ
  • Channels: 200 (20CH x 10 banks)
  • Battery life: 2350mAh Li-ion battery, up to 10.5 hours
    Typical operation with Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty ratio = 5:5:90, (Bluetooth OFF, GPS ON)
  • Version: Communications
  • Class-leading 6-watt, high power, RF output expands communication coverage for enhanced safety while operating the aircraft
  • Frequently used functions are directly assigned to the 10-keypad allowing quick access to common functions while the enlarged, flat sheet keypad offers smooth and swift operation
  • Large 2.3-inch LCD display provides user-friendly operation, and a day mode allows pilots to read the display in direct sunlight while a night mode makes reading at night easy
  • “Flip-Flop” channel recall stores the last 10 channels used providing quick recall simply by using the directional keys or the channel knob
  • Intelligent battery pack allows users to check the battery’s condition using the battery status screen and provides to 10.5 hours of operating time with its 2350 mAh capacity
  • IP57 dust-protection and waterproof construction
  • Operates with 6xAA alkaline batteries with the BP-289 battery case
  • BNC antenna
  • 121.5 MHz emergency key
  • Weather channels
  • Priority watch
  • VFO scan, memory-channel scan, and priority scan
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Side tone function
  • Internal VOX capability
  • 300 memory channels (in 15 memory groups) with 12 character names
  • 8.33 kHz channel spacing


IC-A16 VHF Air Band Handheld Transceiver Radio | Communications Only, DTMF Keypad


This rugged and compact transceiver makes quick communication easy with a streamlined design, easy to operate controls, and the ability to name and organize up to 200 channels. The full keypad design allows users to enter channel or frequency directly with an exclusive button for the 121.5 MHz emergency channel. 

  • BP-280 battery pack
  • BC-213 rapid charger
  • BC-123SA AC adapter
  • FA-B02AR antenna
  • MB-133 belt clip
  • Hand strap



Part # Description Price Order
1001010 ICOM IC-A16 Comm Only 110v charging

IC-A25C HANDHELD TRANSCEIVER/Communications  6W, Built in GPS and Bluetooth. Includes FA-B02AR Antenna, BP-288 Battery pack, MB-133 Belt clip, OPC-2379 Headset adapter, BC-224 and BC-123SA Rapid charger, Handstrap, and owners manual. 3 year warranty

ICCP-20 Cigarette Lighter Power Cable for IC-A6, IC-A24

HM-234 HM-234 hand microphone for use with the A14, A6, and A24 handhelds. It is a direct replacement for the HM-173 microphone.




Base Station

  • Dot-matrix LCD display is easy to read with crisp, clear text (displays alphanumeric characters and icons)
  • Memory channels and other radio settings can programmed from the front panel (customizing functions can be restricted as needed, depending on the radio settings); this unit provides 200 memory channels with 12-character channel names and 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Built-in Active Noise Canceling (ANC) reduces background noise in the received and transmitted signals; the automatic noise limiter (ANL) reduces pulse-type noise such as engine ignition (ANL and ANC functions cannot be used at the same time)
  • IP54 dust-protection and water resistant construction allows the IC-A120 to be used in open-air vehicles
  • ON-Hook scan function automatically starts scanning when the hand microphone is hooked on the microphone hanger; the ON-Hook dualwatch feature checks the priority and operating channels alternatively while ON-Hook; when the microphone is taken OFF hook, scanning stops at the priority channel or the displayed channel
  • Provides optional Bluetooth headset connectivity when the UT-133 Bluetooth unit is added; this allows a third-party wireless Bluetooth headsets to be used with the IC-A120 (when using an optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset the side tone function becomes available)
  • Third-party headsets can be used with the optional OPC-871A headset adapter; when configured this way, the user can use the side tone function to monitor his or her own transmitted voice via the connected headseteven when using a hand microphone
  • Optional HM-217 speaker-microphone allows the user to listen to received audio through the HM-217s built in speaker; the speaker-microphone features up/down buttons as well as two programmable P1/P2 buttons that serve as a shortcut for activating frequently used functions
  • Compatible with 12- and 24- volt systems
  • 36W (PEP) RF output power
  • Dualwatch and priority scan functions
  • Power on password protection
  • PC programming capability
  • CI-V Commands for external control
  • VE-PG3 RoIP gateway for interconnect with other radio devices
  • Accessories include hand microphone (HM-216), DC power cable, microphone hanger kit, mounting bracket kit, and fuses



Vehicle mount Antenna 108-512 MHz. Snap-in mount provides quick, permanent installation in a 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) hole; no soldering required. Whip is fastened by set screw adapter and may be easily removed for fine tuning or replacement. Cutting chart supplied. Supplied with 17' RG58U cable and UHF Male connector 


Part # Description Price Order

1031008 Vehicle mount Antenna 108-512 MHz. Snap-in mount provides quick, permanent installation in a 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) hole; no soldering required. Whip is fastened by set screw adapter and may be easily removed for fine tuning or replacement. Cutting chart supplied. Supplied with 17' RG58U cable and UHF Male connector


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