Microair 760 VHF Transceiver Combo Kit  REV Q
This is one of the worlds smallest panel mounted VHF aircraft radios. The Microair M760 has sold in over 20 countries around the world, and is still selling strongly. Packed with NEW features for such a small unit, the Microair M760 now has an internal vox intercom, 99 programmable memories, larger knobs, Alpha /Numeric Display, Dual Monitoring, Memory Sort by Name, frequency down to 108 Mhz.   All this fits in a 57 mm (2 1/4'') instrument hole. Have you considered the luxury of running 2 coms? Compare our prices you will be amazed by the savings!
760 Manual REV Q       


Part # Description Price Order
1008005 Microair 760 Transceiver Rev Q    

1008006 Microair 760 Wiring Harness Single Glider

1008008  Speaker Box  8 Ohm, 5W

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Microair T2000SFL Transponder   (TSO'd & JTSO'd)

Dimensions Stub Antenna


The Microair Avionics T2000SFL Transponder is a mode 3A/C aircraft transponder designed to operate in an ATCRBS environment.  Kit includes  A T2000 Transponder, encoder, plug and play wiring harness and stub antenna & coax kit. This TSO'd & JTSO'd Transponder is one of the world's smallest and lightest of its kind, weighing in at 600 gms (21.1oz). The T2000SFL has very low power consumption and many new innovative safety features only found in much larger and expensive Transponders. The T2000SFL has attracted so much attention around the world, that we have had to build another factory to double production.

T2000 Transponder Specs.   T2000 Manual      T2000 Install Guide

Part # Description Price Order
1008003 T2000SFL Mode C Transponder  REV 7  New    

1008011 Wiring Harness for T2000 - ACK A-30 Encoder

1003008 Transponder Stub Antenna/BNC 104-12   Select BNC connector and cable length at Add to cart if required

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