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Naviter Oudie 2


Oudie2  in Direct Sun


The Oudie is a  Personal Navigation Device which runs SeeYou Mobile natively. What makes it different than any other device on the market is the ability to perform all of the most important tasks for glider pilots right out of the box. It features:
  • Large 5" screen (same brightness as all other PNA devices)
  • Landscape and Portrait screen orientations
  • Integrated GPS for stand-alone operation
  • Serial communication cable (doubles up as charger)
  • Bluetooth serial communication
  • Preinstalled SeeYou Mobile
  • Preinstalled worldwide Vector maps
  •  Sunlight readable  Higher Contrast Ratio and 900 nits brightness
  • Options below to upgrade your present Oudie


    Screen Size: 5" diagonal
    Screen Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
    Overall Size: 135 x 86 x 14 mm (5.3 x 3.4 x 0.55 inches)
    Memory Expansion: microSD card, It accepts either standard or high-density (greater than 2 GB) cards . It also has 4 GB or internal memory (of which 2GB will be used by pre-installed world wide vector maps).

    External Power
    The internal battery will power the unit for only an hour or 2.  Therefore it will be necessary to power the unit either with an external portable battery such as the or to power it with 12V using its supplied 12V to 5V power converter. 

What's in the Box

Connection Kit  Instructions:


  • Oudie CD Manual, Tips Guide
  • Oudie
  • Manual
  • Suction Cup Cradle
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Cigarette Lighter DC converter
  • Serial Communications Cable
  • USB Cable for PC connection


Oudie Carry Case
  • By far the most common reason why we had to service the Oudies was because of broken screens. Most people sat on them or dropped them from altitude. The winner was one unlucky person who drove over it with his SUV.

  • It is  made of tough, rubber-like waterproof material and even includes a carabineer


Oudie IGC Approved

Tutorial for Setup of NAV Boxes & Area Turnpoints in SeeYou Oudie

Similar to Oudie 3 with IGC approval with sailplane software





Part # Description




Naviter Oudie IGC GPS Moving Map Vario (IGC approved flight recorder) approx 12 hr battery Unlimited updates for SeeYou Mobile

  In Stock


Naviter Oudie IGC GPS Moving Map Vario (IGC approved flight recorder) Bundle with SeeYou for your PC approx 12 hr battery. Unlimited updates for SeeYou Mobile, 1 yr updates for SeeYou

In Stock


Bundle Naviter Oudie 2 Sunlight Readable with Unlimted SeeYou Mobile & 1 year SeeYou for your PC includes Android & Apple iOS version

 In Stock



Naviter Oudie 2 Sunlight Readable.   Includes SeeYou Mobile Lifetime subscription.

 In Stock


Naviter Oudie2 Lite Sunlight Readable  SeeYou Mobile software pre-installed, but does not include a license for SeeYou Mobile. Pilots can use their existing PDA or PNA SeeYou Mobile license, or install soaring flight software such as XCSoar, LK8000. 

We also offer to our customers in exchange for your Oudie 1  is a replacement with Oudie 2 Lite we will transfer the license from the old Oudie to the new one. In order to complete this process please purchase the Oudie 2 and ship me you Oudie 1.  In the comments section of the order please note you are upgrading your Oudie 1 and include the SN of your Oudie 1.

You can run any other program by renaming its main EXE to UpdateOudie.exe.  If you want the menu after boot rename the main EXE into \2577\mSeeYou.exe. Then the "program" will start if they press the SeeYou Mobile icon.

In Stock


Oudie Carry Case

  In Stock


Oudie to CAI 302 Cable, supplies power and RX, TX.  Direct cable to the 302. 




Oudie Cradle with Modified Tilt Swivel.

In Stock

Craggy Aero  Oudie arms include a Tilt Swivel and  Modification of the Standard  cradle  that comes with the purchase of the OUDIE

Tilt Swivel allows the pilot to easily move the Oudie to reduce glare without loosening the arm.

Arms below can be selected as an option when you click the Add to Cart to Purchase an Oudie. 

To Purchase arm components separately  click  RamMounts  it take you to the RAM Mounts Page.

Oudie Cradle Modified Tilt Swivel.


Oudie Cradle Modified Tilt Swivel,  Ram-A-101-U Arm   3.125"  9/16" Ball joints diamond plate



Oudie Cradle Modified Tilt Swivel,  Ram-A-101-UB Arm 4.625" 9/16 Ball joints diamond plate



Oudie Cradle Modified Tilt Swivel,  Ram-F3  Arm 5"   1"Ball joints diamond plate

$48.93 Aluminum Arm Components Tilt Swivel & cradle modification

$48.77 Composite Arm Components Tilt Swivel & cradle modification


Oudie Cradle Modified Tilt Swivel,  Ram-S3  Arm 5"   1"Ball joints suction cup



Oudie Cradle Modified Tilt Swivel,  MSG470  Gooseneck Arm 6"  or 9"   Diamond Plate

$52.99  6"

$53.99 9"


Oudie Cradle Modified Tilt Swivel,  MSG470  Gooseneck Arm 6"  or 9"   Threaded Nut

$49.99 6"

$50.99 9"



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