Platinum Caps         


Platinum Canopy Caps from Franklin Fabrication

Platinum Cap covers are designed to be a light weight, compact reflective shade cover for use when rigging and while waiting on the grid.  The strapless design allows easy access to the cockpit during assembly.  When you are ready for launch, slip the cover off and stow it in the included storage bag, in the cockpit while you fly. It is not meant for extended use  outdoors or while trailering as it won’t allow the canopy to be locked when it is on the glider.  The Sun Shield option is designed to prevent burns to the cockpit caused by the suns rays reflecting off of the inside of an open canopy. 

Platinum Caps  Available for: 
Single Seat Gliders 
Antares (Sun Shield option available)  
Apis, Silent 
ASH 26, ASH 31, JS1 Revelation (Sun Shield option available) 
ASW 15 
ASW 19, 20, Pegase (Sun Shield option available) 
ASW 22 (Sun Shield option available) 
ASW 24, 27, 28, ASG 29 (Sun Shield option available) 
             DG 101, 202, 300, 400, 600, 800 (Sun Shield option available) 
             Diana, Diana 2 
Genesis 2 
Grob G102 Astir CS 
HPH 304 C&CZ, Mosquito 303, Hornet C (Sun Shield option available) 
HPH 304S Shark (Sun Shield option available) 
JS1 Revelation (Sun Shield option available) 
LAK-17, LAK-19 (Sun Shield option available) 
Libelle H-201, H-301 
LS1-f, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 (Sun Shield option available) 
Nimbus 4, Quintus 
PIK 20 
Pilatus B4 
PW-5 (Sun Shield option available) 
Schempp-Hirth A - Discus A, Discus 2A, Ventus A, Ventus 2A 
Schempp-Hirth B - Discus, Discus 2, Ventus, Ventus 2, Nimbus 2, Nimbus 3, PIK 20, Mini Nimbus, Standard Cirrus 
             SZD-55 (Sun Shield option available) 
             SZD-48-3, SZD-59 Acro
Two Place Gliders 
ASG 32, ASH 30 (two place, two piece set - Sun Shield option available) 
ASH 25 (two place, two piece set - Sun Shield option available) 
ASK 21 (two place, two piece set - Sun Shield option available) 
DG-500, DG-505, DG-1000, DG-1001 (two place, two piece set) 
Duo Discus XL, Arcus, Nimbus 4DL  (two place, one large canopy) 
             Duo Discus, Duo Discus X, Janus C, Nimbus 3D, Nimbus 4D (two place, one large                     
             Stemme S-10 (two place, one large canopy - Sun Shield standard)



Sun Shield Option

The Sun Shield option is a fabric panel that stretches across the rear of the open canopy. it prevent burns to the instrument panel caused by sunlight reflecting and magnifying off of the canopy. The cost of the option is: $20.00.  This option is available only for sailplanes with front-hinged canopies.



Part Number Description


100500 Platinum Single Seat Cover.  In the comments section of Checkout put the sailplane model

100501 Platinum Dual Seat cover.  In the comments section of Checkout put the sailplane model

100502 Platinum Sun Shield  check for availability above.  This option only available for front hinged canopys.

100503 PLatinum Two Place one large cover with Sunshield.  In the comments section of Checkout put the sailplane model

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