PowerFlarm FSP         


Craggy Aero has been authorized as a FLARM Service Partner for the Americas

  • Previously PowerFlarm Core units requiring testing and  Repairs were sent to Switzerland.
  • Craggy Aero can now test and repair PowerFlarm Core Units in the Americas and Canada
  • Powerflarm Portables will still require shipment to Switzerland.
  • Craggy Aero will not be offering warranty repair for  PowerFlarms.   Flarm warranty is parts and labor for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • If your device is out of warranty Craggy Aero offers the most cost effective and competent repair of Power Flarm Cores.
REPEX PowerFlarm  Core Testing  Labor for Testing of  31 PowerFlarm core parameters. $175 
REPPFCCBAA PowerFlarm Core ADS-B Core Board GPS, Flarm  replacement if required $135
REPPFCBB Base Board replacement if required $135
REPPFCAB PowerFlarm Core ADS-B Board replacement if required $255
PowerFlarm  Calibration   $75
Order on line or  Call, Richard   530-905-0062, or email info@craggyaero.com .
Craggy  Aero LLC, 3901 River Court, Hornbrook,  CA 96044
International Shipping by US Postal Service  Express, Priority Mail International or FEDEX      
Many credit cards charge 3% international transaction fees. International Customers can save this expense by paying by EFT or wire transfer.
Please email Craggy Aero the order and we will send you an invoice with the transfer information.