Power for both your Ipaq and GPS 12v or 5v

PWR-5B   86% efficient  power converter.  RFI Suppression.
Small compact size (3.2" X 1.6" X .8") converts +12 v to+ 5v, +3.3v  to power both GPS and Ipaq. GPS Data Pass through.
Reverse polarity protection.  DB9 connectors supply power to Ipaq and GPS through the connection cables.
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PWR-5B Power Converter, +12v to 5v, 2 DB9 Connections.  Supplies +5v to Pin 8,  GND for IPAQ, and +12v to Pin 7, 5v to Pin 8  GND for GPS.  RX, TX pass through.  Reverse polarity protection.  RFI Suppression.

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