Ventus b SD  fuselage refinish





8 hr  to fabricate turning fixture.  I had a lot of very straight 2X6 left over from the shop foundation.

2 hr to move fuselage from glider trailer to fixture.  SD ready to refinish.


Total Time 10 hrs


4 hrs Remove instrument panel, remove gear, remove tow hook  (Be sure to take picture so you can reassemble) remove rudder.

4 hrs sand gel coat and filler.


Total time 18 hrs



40 hrs More sanding and detail sanding gear well, canopy rails masking holes

6 hrs Epoxy and glass beads to fair vertical stabilizer and rudder.


Total time 64 hrs


4 hrs Detail Sanding, clean all the dust from  shop floor,  washed and ready to apply DuratecŪ Vinyl ester Fairing Primer (light blue) 1799-052.  Tech Sheet.  This product is a very high build, hi temp, blister resistant primer.  It is good for below the waterline which makes it a necessity for any marine repair shop.  


Total time 68 hrs


Tools various hard rubber sanding blocks  Dura Block, Dewalt electric 5" sander,  5" 60 grit  hook it discs,  80 grit sand paper, vacuum. Lots of dust.  Dewalt sander has a speed control so when you get close to the fibreglass you can slow it down.  Don't ever apply pressure to the sander just let the sand paper work. This will prevent damage to the fibreglass.


1 hrs  wipe down fuselage with Acetone


Turbine outside air respirator and full face mask.


Total time 69 hrs


2 hrs  rolled on 2 coats of DuraTec Vinyl Ester Fairing Primer.  More therapy sanding tomorrow.


Total time 71hrs.


6 hrs sanding, next step is spray a coat of Vinyl Ester  Primer.

Vinyl Ester Primer Specifications

Total time 77hrs.


4 Hrs Wipe down with acetone, spray 1 heavy coat of Vinyl Ester Fairing Primer thin 20% with MEK , 40 to 50 psi line pressure, 15 PSI pot pressure,   clean paint gun .   Sanding therapy tomorrow.


Total time 81 Hours


4 Hrs Sanding.  Spray Rudder & Gear Doors with PPG Shopline JP202 2K High Build Primer Surfacer. 2 coats.

Shopline JP202 2K High Build Primer


Total time 85 Hours



 6 Hrs  Sanding Rudder, gear doors,


Total time 89 Hours


6 Hrs sanding  80 grit  Spray Vinyl ester Primer 2 coats. The reason for so many coats of fairing primer and primer is to sand to make sure the surface is flat with no flaws.  If you don't do this the finish with not be good and all the defects will show at the finish coat.    Next sanding with P180.


Total time 97hours


Deer Magnet less patina.



6 Hrs Sanding P180.  Find any imperfections,  turn off lights in shop use a LED Flashlight at large angle shadows will show imperfections, circle with pencil.    Catalyze a small amount of primer and spread on the imperfections, cure and sand.  Spray 1 coat of JP202 2 K High Build Primer Surfacer

Total time 103 hours


6 hours sand with P180 spray last coat of  JP202.  Sand with P320 tomorrow.

Total time 109 Hours


8 hours sanding with 400 Grit.

Total time 117 hours



6 hours Remask and spray 3 coats of JAU.  Its white again and I won't tell you where the drip is!

Total time 123 hours.



All this work and we have a big drip!

  • Use a led flash light to see the drip, shadows show.
  • After coating has cured for several days mask around the drip with tape
  • Mark all over the drip with a wide sharpe black pen this is a sanding guide.
  • Spread a light coat of polyester bondo over the area,  what is shown in the picture is more than required.
  • The reason for the bondo is so you don't sand too much on the sides of the drip.  Remove the tape.
  • Use a hard small hard sanding block  320 grit until you just see the white of the drip
  • Picture 3 then 400 grit same hard block then 800 grit to finish.


1.5 hour

Total 124.5  Hours


Mark  with wide sharpie pen guide for wet sanding.   Next  step will be wet sand with 800 grit then 1000 grit to get rid of any orange peel.  Sand at opposing 45 degree angles.


6 hrs

Wet Sand 1500 grit

Total 130.5 Hours



10 Hrs  Polish  3M 05928,  Makita Variable speed polisher with foam disk.

Total 140.5 Hours.















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