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Constant Flow Oxygen System for those who have Cylinders

Breathing Station

MH3 Flowmeter

  • One scale for use with Moustache Cannula

  • Up to 18000'

MH4 Flowmeter

  • Left Scale for use with Moustache Cannula to 18,000'

  • Right scale for standard cannula or facemask to 24,000

Moustache Cannulashown with MH3 & MH4


MH Part Number Description
00XCR-1032-00 XCR-MH3  Breathing Station w/MH3 Flowmeter, Oxymizer Cannual, Facemask, On/Off Switch and Holster  XCR-1032.  
00XCR-1034-00 XCR-MH4  Breathing Station w/MH4 Dual Scale  Flowmeter, Oxymizer Cannual, Facemask, On/Off Switch and Holster  XCR-1034.
00XCP-1040-00  Moustache Style Cannula for use with XCR systems  w/6mm tubing
00REG-1030-00 One Place CGA 540 Gauged Regulator
00REG-1032-00 One Place CGA 540 Radial  Regulator
00REG-1033-00 One Place CGA 540 Axial Regulator
00REG-1036-01 One Place DIN-477 Gauged Regulator XCR-DIN-G Single place DIN-477#9 axial output Regulator. (with Gauge)
with New Euro (SWISS) inlet.


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