Instl Pictures         


Ventus 2bx

Ventus b  PowerFlarm-V7-Ultimate Le-RayLaser Stick Controller-Butterfly Vario

ASW 27  Nano - V7 - Ultimate Le,  Butterfly Vario in the empty hole.


LS 8,  CAI 302  SeeYou Mobile

Panel was made approx 1" wider note the original dash cover


Ventus b, Ultimate ,  CAI 302, B400


ASG 29

Ultimate, Zander, CAI 302


ASW 20


Ventus 2CX


Sun Seeker Solar Powered Glider

B500  WinPilot PRO



ASG 29, Ultimate, CAI 302,  MGL Airspeed, MGL Horizon, MGL Airspeed, MGL Compass,

 MGL G Meter,  Zaon PCAS



ASW 17 in the Sun

Notice the shade line on the panel but not on the Ultimate


Ultimate Le running Pocket FMS


ASW 17

Glare on the other instruments but not on the Ultimate


Duo Discus

ASW 17

Clean installation no ball of wire or ferrites behind the Ultimate




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