Ultimate Le 6.5         

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The best achievable or imaginable of its kind!

   LED Backlight Flight Computer Display with low power draw!

Designed and Manufactured by Craggy Aero, LLC


Craggy Aero Ultimate Complete Systems

$800 to $1200 less than  competitor comparable Systems





Ultimate at the  AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN 2011

   Arcus Front Seat
















  • Several Control Input Devices

  • No  messy exposed wiring board  on the back of the instrument.  Metal Case and  internal RFI Filtering.  Does not require huge ferrites on the external wiring.

  •  Connectors include DB9  serial input and /or power for a serial GPS,  DB15  power and Backlight Potentiometer, 3.5 mm speaker socket, USB for input device, and USB for panel mount USB flash drive socket.

  • Screw thru panel mounts.

          Q4F-Phantom                                Boeing 737                                            T38

The Craggy Aero Ultimate Le uses the same aircraft quality display as several military and commercial aircraft applications with  improved design characteristics for gliders:
  • Higher Brightness 1400 nits at highest backlight setting
  • Extremely high contrast ratio presents vivid color is full sunlight.
  • Lower Power usage LED backlight

Craggy Aero Ultimate in full sun.

Craggy Aero's proprietary display is the only true Sunlight readable Display.  Even with  full sun on the screen the Ultimate screen is as readable as in shade. No reflection or glare.

Notice the shade line across the Panel, this clearly  shows the pilots perspective between shade and full sun on the display. Glare can be seen on the altimeter but not the Ultimate.  Notice  the deep rich colors and True VGA 640 X 480 display.

Craggy Aero's proprietary screen sets the standard in sunlight readable flight computers!

No screen Glare and reflection as in some competitor's products!

ASW 17

  Craggy Aero Ultimate in full sun

Notice the glare on the instruments but not on the Ultimate

ASW 27 Panel built by a quality craftsman

YouTube at Hurricane, Utah

Experimental Touch Mouse Controller  just behind trim controls.

  • Processing Power to  run "State of the Art"  Software



  • Screen size, clarity and high contrast facilitates easy viewing
  • Battery loss has no effect on programs as they are in flash memory                                                  
  • Ball Track Mouse or any USB mouse for Easy intuitive Control of the programs
  • Large Data Capacity - Standard with 1 Gig FlashDrive
  • Optional  Internal CF  Card memory 4 Gig to 8 Gig
  • Includes High Resolution Terrain Maps and Aviation Data for the world.
  • Doesn’t wash out even in direct sunlight  and differing cockpit viewing angles- deep, rich saturated colors True VGA 640 X 480

  • Eliminates need to change focus to view PDA
  • Panel mount USB Socket to download and upload with USB Flash Drive
  • Potentiometer to Adjust Backlight
  • Effective internal RFI filtering

Compatible Hardware

  • LXNAV V7 
  • LX Navigation LX1606
  • CAI 302 (CAI Utility to setup the 302 & transfer data runs on the Ultimate)
  • ButterFly Vario
  • LX 166
  • PowerFlarm
  • Any Flight Recorder  or  GPS
Installation Pictures    Panel Cut Out and Instrument Dimensions     2.25" & 3.125" Standard Instruments Templates            Ultimate Le™ Manual
Part # Description Price    


Craggy Aero Ultimate Le System with SeeYou Moble Software, Hardware Cables,  MicroTrack Handheld mouse included.  

4 Weeks


Craggy Aero Ultimate Le System without software.  ( The Ultimate will run SeeYou PNA, Ultimate StrePla, LK8000, Pocket FMS) MicroTrack Handheld mouse included.

4 Weeks


 AC 110v  Power Supply 12v,  3 amp for Desktop power

In Stock


Ball Track Mouse  Input Device

In Stock

510000SC Craggy Aero Ray Laser Stick Controller,  Includes PTT Mic & Wiring Harnesses, additional buttons at Add to Cart   

In Stock

  • BASF Composite with UV Resistance
  • Laser  Optical Trackball
  • Trigger for Mouse Arrow Select
  • PTT  Mic Momentary switch
  • Additional Switches available
    • Motor Start
    • Climb/Cruise
  • 19.3mm  3/4"  DG LAK
  • 20mm .787" SH, LS, Stemme, Apis, EB29
  • 24mm .945" Schleicher, Pipistrel Taurus, Alisport Silent
  • 24.5mm  1.00"  JS

RAY Laser Stick Controller Installation Manual


MicroTrack Handheld Trackball Mouse Included with Ultimate Le

The handheld ball track mouse allows you to effectively control the software program even in turbulence without having to pick at the screen with a wand.  It fits in your hand and  is extremely easy to use with either hand.  Position the Mouse arrow with the ball and click the index finger trigger.


Ultimate Specifications:
  • High Performance Embedded Technology  806 MHz Processor 
  • Sunlight readable screen 6.5" Diagonal VGA 640 X 480 resolution
  • 1400 nits brightness at full  adjustable by Potentiometer
  •  Input Device MicroTrack handheld trackball or TouchPad
  • Compatible with S7, S8, S80, S10, S100 or  any GPS Input
  • SeeYou Mobile,  LK8000
  • Power draw   350 mA to 800mA depending on the backlight setting. ( Ipaq 4700 draws 500 mA at full backlight).
  • Temperature Range  - 45C to 85C
  • Internal RFI filtering


System Includes:

  • Craggy Ultimate Display & Imbedded Computer
  • Hand held Input Ball Track Mouse
  • SeeYou Mobile
  • Display Brightness Potentiometer
  • Panel Mount USB Port
  • Wiring to connect hardware, Vario, GPS, Flight Recorder
  • Speaker
  • 1 GIG Internal Flash Memory

Optional Software

  • LK8000
  • PocketFMS


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