PowerFlarm Core         


FLARM is an award-winning and affordable collision avoidance system for General Aviation, light aircraft and UAVs. Since its invention in 2004, over 25.000 FLARM systems have been installed in aircraft worldwide.

Originally developed for gliders and sailplanes to solve the inherent shortcomings of TCAS, FLARM has today expanded also into other aviation domains.

Craggy Aero has been authorized as a FLARM Service Provider for the Americas

  • Previously PowerFlarm Core units requiring testing and  Repairs were sent to Switzerland.
  • Craggy Aero can now test and repair PowerFlarm Core Units in the America and Canada
  • Powerflarm Portables will still require shipment to Switzerland.
  • PowerFlarm warranty is 1 year from the date of sale.  Craggy Aero will not be repairing PowerFlarms that are under warranty the one year Warranty.


PowerFlarm Mandatory Update

PowerFlarm Core

                        Includes: Panel USB, Power/Data Cord, Flarm A  Antenna, ADS B Antenna, GPS Antenna

Current PowerFlarm Updates, Manuals    Additional Antennas

PowerFlarm Systems

Part Number Description                   See Table at the bottom of this page for Version Features

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500208 PowerFLARM Core,    Flarm, transponder & ADS-B receiver includes Flarm A antenna, ADS-B antenna, GPS antenna, includes IGC logger.

IGC logger now included in the new PowerFlarm Core  02/22/2016

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Optional Features License key

500209 Craggy Aero Calibration to 35000'   Calibration documents for Badges and records.  

500203 Second integrated Flarm Radio for increased range and blindspot software key

Software Key

500204 Audio Output (Core and Pure h/w 1.1, SN 2000)

Software Key

500205 Approval as IGC Flight Recorder (up to and including diamonds)   02/22/2016  Powerflarm Core now includes IGC logger

Software Key

500206 Engine noise recording

Software Key

500207 Garmin TIS Interface

Software Key

PowerFlarm Assessories

500108 FL-CAV75 Flarm A or  B 916 mHz antenna.

See specs

500014 PowerFlarm Dipole  Antennas  79" cable  Flarm A & B Antenna



500015 PowerFlarm Dipole  Antennas  79" cable ADS B


500103 Antenna Kit , 3.4" from bulkhead to top of anternna,  requires 6" ground plane, includes bulkhead mount, aluminum ground plane and 2' cable to PowerFlarm A or B

500101 1/2 Wave Dipole Antenna with bulkhead mount   5" from bulkhead to top of Antenna 2' cable

500102 1/4 Wave Antenna Requires 6"  ground Plane  with bulkhead mount 2.3" from bulkhead to top of Antenna 2' cable includes ground plane


500056 GPS antenna

Select cable length at Add to Cart



500107 1/4 wave antenna high performance with a slim profile. It operates at 916MHz. The overall antenna length is 2 7/8-inches (73mm). It features a bulkhead mount, flexible whip and, cable to PowerFlarm A or B with 4" square ground plane.  Select cable length at Add to Cart



LXNAV TrafficView 57/80

  • Color Display
  • Display either relative altitude or climb rate or FLARM ID for every target
  • Displays climb rate, relative altitude, distance and FLARM ID for the selected target
  • TrafficView57 display: 2.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen (320 x 240 pixels) with 1200 nits of brightness
  • TrafficView80 display: 3.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen (320 x 240 pixels) with 1200 nits of brightness
  • Sunlight readable
  • Background color can be set to white or black
  • Small size
  • Loud accoustic warning
  • Color warnings
  • Mode C/S transponder traffic is displayed (when available) as a dashed ring - since distance is known, but not direction
  • microSD card slot and supplied microSD card are used for firmware and FlarmNet updates.
  • ADS-B traffic is displayed (when available)
  • Compatible with FLARM and PowerFLARM products
  • FlarmNet database and User database
  • Intuitive user interface with 3 push-buttons and single rotary/pushbutton knob


LXNAV FlarmView Std & 57m Display

More information


Main features

  • Color display
  • QVGA resolution 320*240 pixels
  • Sunlight readable
  • Small size - Dimensions(W x H x D): 65 x 42 x 9 mm
  • Extremely slim 9mm
  • Loud acoustic warning
  • Color warnings
  • A/C MODE traffic (undirected warnings)
  • Supports latest flarm dataport specificationVer.6
  • Compatible with Flarm and PowerFlarm
  • FlarmNet database + User database
  • intuitive user interface
  • 12V supply (may not work on old hardware designs, where only 3.3Volts are provided. For such cases we offer an adapter)



Ideal navigation solution for flarm equipped gliders  (TSK, WP, AS, Flarm, PCAS indicator etc...)

Main features

  • A/C MODE traffic (undirected warnings)
  • Task navigation
  • Waypoint navigation
  • Airspace display (CUB files)
  • Downloading Flights from flarm to microSD
  • Well known LXNAV intuitive user interface
  • Loud acoustic warning
  • Color warnings
  • FlarmNet database
  • Converting IGC flights to KML
  • Compatible with Flarm and PowerFlarm
  • Supports latest flarm dataport specificationVer.6



TrafficView TrafficView LXNAV 57/80  Select size at add to cart

Available May 2019

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57mm $480

80mm $600

1021019 FlarmView Display  LXNAV



In stock

1021025 FlarmView Display  57mm  LXNAV

In stock

1021040 FlarmView II Display / with Nav functions

3 weeks


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