Ultimate Le 5.7         

Up Le 5.7 Systems

Ultimate Le 5.7  

Ultimate Le 5.7 Panel Cutout Dimension Drawing
Ultimate Le 5.7 Manual Ver1.0.002 11/18/2014 
2.25" & 3.125" Standard Instruments  Instructions to make the perfect hole
Fiberglass panel layout Instructions

Ultimate Le 5.7 Complete Systems

In the Box:

  • Ultimate Le57
  • Main Power Wiring
  • Optical TrackBall Mouse
  • Speaker
  • USB Panel Extension

Technical Specifications:

  • High Performance Embedded Technology Dual Core 1 GHz Processor
  • Sunlight readable screen 5.7 Diagonal VGA 640 X 480 resolution, true VGA
  • Input Device Ray Laser Stick Controller, Laser Controller, MicroTrack handheld trackball mouse
  • Power Draw 450mA
  • No exposed wiring board on the back of the instrument.
  •  DB15 male for power
  • RJ45 Serial RS232 connector for vario or GPS
  •  Dual USB A connectors for Input Device and Panel Mount USB extension.
  • 3.5 mm speaker socket
  • Temperature range -45C  to 85C (-49F to 185F)
  • Weight  1 lb 10 oz
  • 6.15" X 4.15" X1.30"  (157.6mm X 106.2mm X 32.8mm)
  • 12 volts DC Voltage 
  • Optional Internal 8Gig MicroSD Memory


  • RS232 interface RJ45
  • DB15 Power
  • USB for Input Device
  • USB for data transfer using USB memory stick
  • Audio Speaker Connector
  • Remote Panel Connector cable for USB memory stick

Compatible Devices and Software

  •  Vario inputs CAI 302, LX1600, LX 1606, LXNAV S7, S8, S80, S10, S100 Vario, Air-Avionics Vario
  • Serial GPS, NANO, Colibri II, PowerFlarm, Flarm
  • Software SeeYou Mobile PNA,  Pocket StrePla, LK8000

Optional RayLaser

  • BASF Composite with UV Resistance
  • Laser  Optical Trackball
  • Trigger for Mouse Arrow Select
  • PTT  Mic Momentary switch
  • Additional Switches available
    • Motor Start
    • Climb/Cruise
  • 19.3mm  3/4"  DG LAK
  • 20mm .787" SH, LS, Stemme, Apis, EB29
  • 24mm .945" Schleicher, Pipistrel Taurus, Alisport Silent
  • 24.5mm  1.00"  JS

Optical Handheld Trackball Mouse (included with Ultimate LE57)

  Ram Arm Mount Option  6" socket arm 1" ball      Select at Add to Cart  $50


Part # Description Price    
530000 Craggy Aero Ultimate Le 5.7 without Software,  Includes Optical TrackBall Mouse Input, Speaker (use your own version of SeeYou Mobile).

In Stock

530000CU Craggy Aero Ultimate Le 5.7  Includes Optical TrackBall Mouse Input, Speaker, SeeYou Mobile PNA

In Stock


 AC 110v  Power Supply 12v,  3 amp for Desktop power

In Stock


Optical TrackBall Mouse

In Stock

510000SC Craggy Aero Ray Laser Stick Controller,  Includes PTT Mic & Wiring Harnesses, additional buttons at Add to Cart   

In Stock

530000MSD Optional Internal MicroSD memory 8 Gig

In Stock
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